Pithy again

Another pithy point from Kirn:

“Belief” or “disbelief” are no longer relevant concepts to use in relating to digital content, verbal or pictorial. You have no reliable way to render such assessments. Instead, ask what narrative is being served, what resources were spent on serving it, and who it might benefit.

Well, digital has nothing to do with it. Government and media outputs have ALWAYS been in a different universe from true/false or believe/disbelieve.

Say the black and do the red. Government is all red, no black. All imperative, no indicative. If you expect any facts to emerge from government, you’re wasting time. If you expect to influence government with facts, you’re also wasting time.

Big media always serves government because there’s no way to become big without licenses, facilities, lawyers, and blackmail. Big religion and big business always serve Deepstate for the same reason. This has been true for 5000 years, mutatis mutandis. Sometimes religion and government are the same thing, sometimes business and government are the same thing. Whether nominally united or not, the other big institutions MUST serve government if they want to remain big.

The only relatively new ingredient is the absolute connection of big science to Deepstate. Before 1946 science was funded by a wider variety of controllers. Private wealth, foundations, corporations, and government. The government end was mainly for weapons, so it was easier to distinguish from the others.

Kirn’s recommendation is on the dot. Treat the output as an imperative, not an indicative. Don’t waste time trying to disprove the “facts”. The output has nothing to do with facts or lies. Ask what this picture or movie or headline is trying to accomplish.


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