An old contrary view

Not immediately topical, just an item I’ve been wanting to highlight.

In this short clip, commentator Raymond Gramm Swing covers two trials that were happening in 1938. Swing points out that our conventional view of both trials was (and still is) flat wrong.

Pastor Niemoller was NOT a rebel. He was a ferocious Kraut soldier and Kraut nationalist, and he became an enthusiastic Nazi. He didn’t have any problem with conquering the world for Hitler. He only had a problem with mixing Christianity into the crusade. He wanted to keep Christianity separate.

Trotsky was NOT a gentle Fabian socialist. The Trotskyites were actually plotting to overthrow Stalin, and would have been prosecuted in any nation. More importantly, Stalin was successful and popular for the same reason that FDR was successful and popular. Both were attempting to solve the problems of THIS nation. The Trotskyites, like the Wilsonites, were utopian imperialists, trying to impose an IDEOLOGY on the entire world. Stalin and FDR were practical localists, trying to maintain and improve a single country. Stalin’s methods were harsh, which is unfortunately the Russian norm. Most of the tsars (including the current one) were also unnecessarily harsh.

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