Illustrated two ways

Today is Morse Code Day!

I don’t need to add any new animations, since Polistra has been tirelessly sending the same prayer on several different keys in two different languages.

The HappyDays365 webpage has a pretty good writeup on Morse himself and the code in general, giving proper credit to the MANY inventors who came before Morse, and emphasizing the modern uses for the code.

And the page accidentally illustrates WHY it’s crucially important to have a code contained in individual human minds and hands and senses.

Presumably IMA SDK is one of those ‘open sources’ for some obscure Javascript function that the programmer outsourced instead of writing his own function using his own skill.

Every time you offshore or outsource part of your skill, you risk losing the function through outages or blockades or shipping problems or copyright changes or version changes. You certainly lose part of your own talent and soul.

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