Non-barking UFO

I just noticed one huge disjunct between modern UFO discussion and the 1947-1967 discussion. Absolutely all the modern UFOlogists are solely obsessed with the Roswell event. They don’t mention the hundreds of other non-dismissable sightings over thousands of years. It’s just Roswell, Roswell, Roswell, Area 51, alien Greys.

Wikipedia partly answers the question. The event was headlined in the Roswell local paper when it happened, but the Air Force successfully censored it. The event was brought into the public eye in 1970 by a “former” Air Force officer.

1947 was a huge year for sightings, including many in the Southwest. Typically they appeared in local papers then got shushed by Deepstate, so Roswell was ‘ordinary’ in this sense.

The Edwards and Lorenzen books, and the radio discussions, went into detail on MANY sightings in that place and time, but I haven’t heard any mention of Roswell or Area 51 or Greys.

Another one versus everything else disjunct, like Bitcoin versus the rest of the world.

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Later: I did find a mention of Roswell in one of Edwards’s books. The mention verifies that it was an undramatic sighting, probably one of the smaller discs, not the larger ‘airliner’ size that might have been piloted. The Air Force response was equally undramatic, the usual Sucker Filter condescension.

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