Guessing game

Speaking of “news” and purpose:

The “leak” of a potential overturning of Roe undoubtedly has a purpose. Politico published the leak and we know Politico is the Bush family website. It’s deep deep Deepstate, and we can start our assumptions from that simple fact.

All Deepstate leaks are extortion in one form or another. I can think of two forms, both of which are probably wrong.

1. The most obvious purpose is pressuring weak-willed Roberts to maintain the consensus.

2. NCR mentions that barricades went up around the Court instantly after Politico published the leak. When DHS gets involved, incorrect opinions instantly become VIOLENT_INSURRECTION, punishable by death. This could lead to dissolving the court to prevent VIOLENT_INSURRECTION.

But: If the court is dissolved, the country will benefit. Since 1803 the Supremes have ALWAYS served the elite and ruined the peasants. Deepstate never never never NEVER commits the crime of improving the country, so Deepstate would never dissolve its best servant.

So both of those guesses are dubious at best.

Later: Everyone is saying that the overturn itself would be earthshaking. Nope. The sane states have managed to practically forbid abortion without any change of Supreme “law”. The Nazi states will seamlessly maintain abortion. Nothing will change. If the overturn had happened much earlier, say around 1980, it would have been more significant. At that point the sane states hadn’t yet developed their practical strategy of eliminating the abortuaries.

= = = = =

Overall, until we get a Nuremberg for the “virus” hoaxocaust, I don’t give a flying fuck about any other moral or legal considerations. A million demons need to be executed instantly and decisively, with no appeal or trial. We know who they are. All national leaders except Tanzania and Belarus. All Federal employees. Most state governors. All city mayors. All employees of all Public “Health” departments. Most MDs, except for the 1% who publicly objected to the holocaust. When the demons are dead, then we can talk about “morality” and “law”.

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