It’s all about personal power

Kirn’s latest pithy paragraph:

A lot of what passes for politics these days — the policing of language, the stamping out of heretical opinion, the cancellation of offbeat, difficult figures — feels to me like a step in the construction of a universal operating system for humans. Many in power must dream of it.

This misses the point, in the same way that AI lovers and AI haters and all sorts of ideologists miss the point.

Bureaucrats love systems, but the demons with real power ignore all systems, including the systems they use to exert their power.

Machiavelli understood this. Systematizers (including me!) missed this point until 2020. The constants and variables of 2020 showed that systems are utterly meaningless. None of the legal and constitutional systems slowed down the universe-destroying demonic power of Carter Mecher. [And his sponsors Bush and Gates and Schwab.]

From the other end, the blessed sane governors who decided to PROTECT their people against Mecher found that the system didn’t get in their way. Noem and DeSantis, and the other Dixie governors who followed DeSantis, simply held their ground FIRMLY AND CONSISTENTLY. The bureaucrats screeched but didn’t kill or halt the sane governors.

It’s all about GUTS.

A real operating system for a computer or a country places EXTREME RESTRICTIONS on personal power. You can’t do anything WITHIN THE SYSTEM to break the system. Hackers break the computer, and demons break the country, by working OUTSIDE the system, generally with extortional force.

Demons don’t want a functional operating system. They want a weak and vulnerable system, ideally no system at all.

Demons want the peasants to believe that systems and ideologies are real and functional. When we’re focusing on the “rights” and “organization chart” of the system, we can’t see the monstrous beast who breaks through the system and kills us.

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