Amazing graph

Cited by Batya, this is an AMAZING graph. It’s the percent of NYTimes headlines occupied by each president from Wilson through Biden. Most of the chart is rational and expectable. Presidents who made more news (wars, depressions, scandals) got more headlines. Unexpectedly there’s not much D vs R difference**.

Aside from the regularity, the chart has TWO GIANT AND OPPOSITE OUTLIERS.

Reagan didn’t exist. Perfect Unperson. His name was apparently unprintable and unthinkable.

And Trump is the ONLY president in the last 100 years. His headline total is WAY greater than all the other presidents combined.

= = = = =

** Sidenote: I think you could tease out more regional difference than R vs D difference. NYTimes claims to be national but it’s really local. For instance, LBJ was less headliny than Nixon, despite overlapping years and similar involvement in wars and protests. LBJ was always a Texan. Nixon lived most of his political life in NYC. Reagan was a Californian, never lived in NYC. Trump is NYC and NYC is Trump. Two names for the same monster.

In math,

(% Importance) * (% NYCness) = (% Headlines)

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