I missed the best part.

The remarkably realistic comment by the Harris Poll included a quote from Ice T. I was enamored of ‘analog people’ and didn’t notice the POWER of Ice T’s suggestion.

It would [be] kinda dope if Musk bought Twitter and just shut it off.

It’s powerful because shutting off is THE NORMAL PURPOSE of buying a company. Rich fuckheads buy a smaller company, then strip its assets and shut it off, leaving the workers out in the cold.

In most cases a hostile takeover is harmful to the real economy, eliminating real products and real services and real SKILLS. Shutting off Twitter would be a rare DEFENSIVE takeover, like using poison to kill a predator. The media and government monsters who use Twitter to manipulate public opinion would have to find other channels, and their power would be slightly disrupted and chaotized for a while.

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