Reprint on tenure

Looking for a href on tenure to reinforce previous item on UATX bait and switch, found this from 2020.

It’s a pretty good general roundup of the problem and the solution.

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Some people are starting to catch on to a chronic long-standing problem, which has become acute and GENOCIDAL in the current fake “emergency”. Retired officials and professors and doctors have been speaking truth openly on all the fake “emergencies” from “9/11” to “global warming” to “virus”. Employed officials and professors and doctors enthusiastically commit the wars and holocausts.

Simple equation:

Tenure + Debt = Holocaust.

Tenure has been a big problem since 1970. It was starting to show up in the ’50s, when my father saw it and warned me about it. I listened and learned.

By 1970 it was well-established. Careers are fragile and instantly stoppable until you get tenure. The only way to get tenure is to conform RIGIDLY to current orthodoxy, and keep up with the Room 101 / Github switchbacks of current orthodoxy. This setup insures that the people with budgetary authority are rigidly orthodox, which self-sustains the setup.

Debt doubled the problem. Before 1990 you could get a college degree without incurring a heavy load of debt. Now most ‘prestigious’ degrees burden you for 10 or 20 years, so you HAVE to try for tenure. If you’re an MD working for a hospital or government, you HAVE to keep your job. You can’t test the limits of tolerance. Employers KNOW that the professionals are debt slaves, and use them accordingly.

In earlier centuries and decades a lot of scholars and inventors had secure incomes from inheritance or sinecures. They were free to pursue truth, no matter where it led. University employment was helpful but optional.

Returning to a Natural Law system would eliminate both problems. Natural Law FEROCIOUSLY forbids debt and STRONGLY incentivizes saving and thrift. Natural Law employment is secure for life, provided you are doing the job.

Before the breakup of ATT, Bell Labs exemplified a Natural Law research facility. Bell had vast resources because of its quasi-socialist position. Researchers were free to pursue all sorts of projects generally in line with Bell’s objectives. They weren’t forced to fudge their data or stay with current fashion or achieve instant half-baked results.

After the breakup and the later LBOs, research was a Negative Externality. Raising Share Value and paying off the unpayable debt to JPMorgan were the only objectives. Bell Labs disappeared.

Here’s the big point, which used to be obvious but now has disappeared in the chaos: When corporations AND governments AND individuals are running on savings, with deep reserves, everyone is VASTLY more free to do what’s needed. Governments can serve the poor better; corporations can serve employees and customers better; and individuals can save their souls. When everyone is running purely on debt, everyone is enslaved to the bankers.

Save your money and save your soul is a pretty decent motto.

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