We had a real thunderstorm last night. Real t-storms are rare here, less than one a year. Mostly we get convective popups, with 15 minutes of heavy rain announced by one small lightning. Last night was an hour of heavy rain, with some hail and continuous lightning. Fortunately no major wind in this part of town.

The east side of town got a tornado. No doubt about it. Look at the picture. Straight winds can’t do that. Lightning can’t do that. A falling tree can’t do that. Only a tornado. Several of the commenters saw a funnel cloud and circling debris.

Real tornados are extremely rare here. Every few years a funnel cloud tries to descend but doesn’t hit. In the 30 years I’ve lived here, this is the first actual hit.

I checked 1957, the year when EVERY FUCKING PLACE ON EARTH had a tornado. Sure enough there was one in ‘rural Spokane county’, on exactly the same day. The ’57 hit was on open farmland, about the same longitude and 5 miles south of yesterday’s hit.

The “weather” bureau didn’t predict the serious thunderstorm, didn’t predict the tornado, and so far hasn’t deigned to notice the tornado.

Next day, they got around to noticing it, and added another tornado on the west side of the metro area.

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