Old saying

Wolf has been discussing and expertly graphing the boom and bust cycle. The central banks have finally reversed their boom-machine after 14 fucking years of insanity.

Today he notes that the supply chain is starting to loosen up. It’s just the old saying, High prices are the cure for high prices. … But the saying only works when the central banks are not completely blocking all natural economic feedback with endless counterfeiting of fake numbers.

I must admit that I’m genuinely shocked by the bank turnaround. I didn’t think they would ever stop counterfeiting. Positive feedback loops are hugely addictive and rarely stop before a total explosion.

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Semi-relevant: Blockworks Macro is a pretty good econ channel on Youtube, with the same flavor as Wolf. The name sounds like a pure bitcoin booster, but in fact the channel has a wide range of interviews from a wide range of perspectives. There are a few ‘coiners’ in the mix plus a lot of real experts who speak from real experience and reach real conclusions. The interviewer knows how to bring abstracters back down to earth.

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