Harmless hooey

According to the date guide, today is Skeptics Day. Hmm. Is that right?

I looked it up and first found sources saying that the real Skeptics Day is Jan 13. Hmm. Is that right?

Other sources say the real Skeptics Day is Oct 13. Hmm. Is that right?

The fact turns out to be more interesting. (Maybe.) Adrienne Koopersmith considers herself to the Official Day Dayer. She has named several Days for every Day, and some multiple-Day Days. She intended Skeptics Day to be a movable and multiple feast, every Friday the 13th. Her attitude in the above clip is light-hearted, treating life as Entertainment, but other indications show her as the exact opposite of a skeptic. It’s hard to tell without more context, and her own personality doesn’t matter here.

What does matter is the limitations of sources and searching. Each of those sources had automatically picked up one of the Friday the 13th dates and considered it to be the official day.

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Reprint from 2017:

The Enlightenment’s big crime was binary truth tables.

Law of Excluded middle, fact or not fact, true or false, prove or disprove, null hypothesis, guilty or not guilty, honest or fake.

Digital technology and digital training have elevated binariness to a lethal level.

For some reason thinking about Volney’s beneficial hooey pushed me over the line on this question.

Nature doesn’t do honesty. Every smart and surviving critter uses deception, looking or smelling or sounding or moving like something else. Honesty is death.

The dividing line CANNOT BE deception vs honesty because honesty DOES NOT EXIST.

The only meaningful measure is the PURPOSE of the deception. Aggressive or defensive? Helpful or harmful?

When a deception is aggressive or harmful, you need to break it down and observe** the underlying reality so you can defend yourself against the aggression, or at least stop HELPING the aggressor. Stings and false flags by Sorosian governments are lethal and aggressive. We need to observe basic facts. 9/11 was a Saudi + CIA operation. Both “fascists” and “anti-fascists” are organized by the government as traps. Knowing these FACTS can slow down the aggression by depriving it of active support.

When a deception is neutral or helpful, we should quietly realize it’s a deception while still allowing it to function. Good medical practice, good selling, and good religion, all involve a lot of magic and placebo. When we criminalize “alternative” medicine we’re not giving the magic a chance to work. Over the centuries our criminalizing of various therapies has switched back and forth wildly, often depriving entire generations of a therapy that we later “rediscover” as useful. We’d save thousands of lives if we just LOOSENED UP.

[2022: I couldn’t have imagined in 2017 that we would criminalize natural immunity, eating, sleeping, working, talking, thinking, breathing, and living. But we did.]

Smart and surviving cultures were never fooled by the Enlightenment nonsense. Persians and Russians and Chinese understand reality more clearly. Teutons and Anglos and French fell into the binary trap around 1790 and never climbed out. Now it’s killing us.

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** Observe the underlying reality: I’m bumping into language limitations here. Our internal representation of reality, also known as observed reality, is also disconnected from instrumental measurements. If you take the instrumental measurements as the sole standard, you’ll never be able to function in the world. That’s why our decisions and actions need to be based on purpose rather than “finding absolute truth”. Our internal fiction has been experimentally shaped to match our survival needs, so it’s the best available standard. When you see media toxin that clashes with your experiential template, you have to prefer your internal version of reality because you ALSO know from experience that the media toxin is aggressive and lethal. Media toxin, like wasp toxin, is designed to paralyze you for easier enslavement and slaughter.

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Continued here.

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