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Janelle at AIweirdness.com pointed to this endless cup of computerized silliness.

CookingFlavr.com is a set of human questions answered by AI. Judging by the language and focus of the questions, it’s probably made in India. The top menu is food-oriented, but if you click on any of the questions you’ll see more categories, which are just as jumbled up as the answers.

Try Cheddar Cheese. Did you know that John F. Kennedy, the president first elected in 1821, was responsible for bringing cheddar cheese to America?

Did you know that George Washington invented the police radar gun in 1876?

Most of the subjects start with a literal and correct answer, then ramble on into a dream world where functions and meanings smoosh together to make a peculiar sort of sense.

Should You Prune Dogwoods?

Dogs have a deep understanding of communication and they can be quite helpful when it comes to yard work. However, they can also be a nuisance if they’re not kept trimmed. In order to keep your dog free of thorns and other dangerous vegetation, it’s important to keep them trimmed regularly.

Can you exercise with DOMS? This one gets deliciously tangled up with the obvious meaning of Doms, plus a dozen wildly different acronyms that happen to share the same four letters.

Related to Cheddar Kennedy: What does Cataumet mean?

Hyannis, MA, got its name from the town of Haverhill, MA. The town was named after Samuel Adams, the founder of the American Revolution. The Wampanoags called Cape Cod “Cape Cod.” The name is derived from the Massachuset word “cape” meaning “to point out.” The Wampanoags used this name to refer to the cape that is located on the eastern end of Cape Cod. Mashpee is an English word meaning “to mix or mingle.” The name was created in the early 1700s by the Mashpee people, who were living in present-day Massachusetts. The word is derived from the MAH-shpee word, which means “to scatter.” The Mashpee people were known for their annual gathering, which was called the “Mashpee Festival.”

AI is like an autist on acid.

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