Bravo for STRUCTURE.

I’ve been bitching about the 1990s switch from rational organized discourse to random chaotic psychopath discourse.

In the modern torture chamber ordinary people are flayed. We’re accustomed to these rapid whiplashes, and our responses are also chaotic. Mainly we’re just numb, but when the cat-of-infinite-tails bashes one of our raw nerves, we screech and bite.

Here’s a splendid counterexample. David Lat writes a mainly insider-oriented Substack column on law schools and legal institutions. Because he has insider experience he can analyze insider shit better than the rest of us. He uses his experience to understand the Supreme leaker and write the leaker’s manifesto.

I’ve been on both sides of the political divide and ended up beyond them, so I know how each mindset thinks. The overall mindset of the woke leaker is just right. I can’t judge the law clerk insider stuff, but it also sounds right from outside.

Most important: Lat takes EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME PAINS to isolate the manifesto from the rest of his piece, making it EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY CLEAR that this section does not represent his own mind.

Lat also points out that lawyers are supposed to be experts at EMPATHY, experts in isolating the case from their own mind. Lawyers have to take cases they hate and clients they hate if they want to make any money. He’s upset that the woke enforcers in law schools are destroying EMPATHY, training young lawyers to think entirely within the chaos bubble, following the daily DNC message board and the hourly Fauci message board.

Isolating a parody has always been difficult, and is often faked by psychopaths. Orson Welles, a certified monster, gave lip service to isolating his War of the Worlds, but it obviously wasn’t enough and he KNEW it wasn’t enough. He wanted to damage civilization and kill some peasants, and he succeeded.

Fake mode separation has become part of the arsenal of the chaotizers. Rush always maintained that some of his show was parody but never made it clear. When he realized that he had pushed the wrong panic button, he declared that the previous segment was just parody, but what he was saying right now was not parody… until later when it might become parody.

Bravo to Lat for setting up a clear and unswitchable STRUCTURE in his writing. We need more STRUCTURE.

= = = = =

Irrelevant tech sidenote: Using a different font and different color would aid the isolation. Movies sometimes used colors or lens filters to isolate dreams or backstories, and radio sometimes used added noise or echo filters. Welles knew those techniques but didn’t use them in War of the Worlds.

More recently, fonts and colors were easy to control reliably in Windows EXE form. The web intentionally destroys control and reliance. You can specify a font or color in a DIV tag, but different browsers can and will interpret the command differently. Before it reaches the browser, the platform or publisher can mess up the commands. The web was designed by Welles types working at the universe-obliterating CERN, and it was INTENDED to make structure difficult and unpredictable. Chaos all the way down.

= = = = =

Relevant empathy sidenote: A lawyer who can only represent fashionable people isn’t going to have much work. The people who need lawyers are unfashionable by definition. Fashionable fuckheads OWN the courts and agencies and legislatures and corporations and NGOs and schools and unions. Fashionable fuckheads do the accusing and punishing and executing, generally without resorting to trivialities like “laws” and “courts”. Poor and black defendants are supposedly fashionable, but their real mindset is the exact opposite of Woke. I learned this lesson in 1969 at Mansfield. As an idiot hippie I came in with the same idiot assumptions as the modern Wokers. I quickly figured out that black criminals are intensely Christian and firmly devoted to traditional gender roles and family structures. A wokie who hates Christians and can’t even traditional genders will be completely unable to hear the clients who need her services.

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