Make it look horrible

Kirn points out the cover of the latest Economist, which has returned to “Climate” Emergency as a brief break between “Virus” Emergencies. The cover is a stalk of wheat with skulls instead of grains. Horrible. (Kirn wasn’t really talking about the art itself, but some of his commenters brought out the connection.)

This crystallized a point that I hit several years ago but didn’t carry forward.

Deepstate’s goal, the goal of all psychopaths, is:



Deepstate works toward this goal in many ways. The oldest is false flag “terrorists”, making Islam and Christianity and non-belligerence look horrible.

The “virus” hoaxocaust opened all of life to this tradeoff. Work, school, conversation, sunlight, fresh air, exercise, sleeping, eating, and breathing now look horrible. Imprisonment and torture and needles now look necessary.

The elite courtiers started this tradeoff in art before Deepstate grabbed onto it. Dadaism, Abstract Expressionism, Atonal and Aleatoric Music, Installations, and everything else that pulls in money from rich fuckheads and museums. Ordinary people look at this grotesque brain-destroying toxin and incautiously think “Art is horrible.” Most of us are able to distinguish Modern Art from Real Art, but when ALL the advertised and fashionable stuff is horrible, the good stuff fades into the background.

Now NFTs are working the same territory from a different angle. NFTs are a different kind of horrible, aimed at a very new kind of rich fuckhead. The net result is the same. We’re told that NFT is Art, and our eyes tell us it’s horrible.

The Economist cover takes the association to a new level. Now we’re instructed to see wheat as poison instead of the Staff of Life. We’re instructed to eat bugs, which are intrinsically horrible.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Arnade has an especially splendid essay on real art by real people.

Sidenote 2: The only halfway good part is that the NFT/DAO/Bitcoin bubble is collapsing after the central banks stopped pumping counterfeit “money” into it. It’s not going to be a permanent problem.

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