Brits understood demons

The Brits formerly understood the reality of bureaucracy and the nature of psychopaths better than we did. Parkinson was British. Orwell was British. Even the writers of TV and radio shows painted an accurate picture of demons. Brits are more honest about caste, and they aren’t blind to the FACT that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT.

Our writers in earlier decades were stuck in the Enlightenment lie of identical passive changeable reformable humans. Our TV shows occasionally portrayed a Bad Dude, but didn’t get the psychopathic details right, and always insisted that he was the Product Of Bad Parenting. The moral wasn’t PROTECT YOURSELF FROM DEMONS. The moral was GIVE YOUR KIDS MORE ATTENTION and PAY TEACHERS MORE.

Two years ago I cited a perfect portrayal of the psychopath type in a British spy show, in the form of a Greek shipping tycoon.

Here’s the female version in another spy show. Same pattern. Give unobeyable orders, demand obedience, instantly change to DIFFERENT unobeyable orders, demand obedience, whip the victim, loop forever.

Here’s a 1971 show called The Guardians about a secret police unit protecting its turf. One paragraph shows the clear understanding of both Parkinson and psychopaths:

Get tough with the terrorists, that’ll be the new line. And within a year, all his fine paternalistic do-gooding will change to machine guns, arrests and executions, suspicion and fear. With the innocent suffering more than the guilty, because of course the guilty know enough to dodge.

Brits seem to have forgotten this set of insights. We never had this set of insights.

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Example of failed portrayal: The Lawless Years portrayed Dutch Schultz as a typical tough guy, a standard Professional Criminal. Look up the reality. He was an extreme psychopath, a true Innovative Disrupter in Torture Tech. Fauci’s role model.

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