When you own everything

Previously I’ve been unconvinced by the hype on both sides about WEF and Davos. After two years of carefully organized and rehearsed universal torture, I’m paying attention now.

This Rumble video is a quick tour of Davos today. Two things stand out:

(1) The streets are lined with a Potemkin Village of fake storefronts solely for the demons. Some of the ‘stores’ are sponsored by demonic corporations, others are blatantly obvious crude propaganda. In the middle is RUSSIA WAR CRIMES HOUSE. No need for subtlety when you own the entire universe.

(2) The narrator is talking with several protesters, who have the predictable hippie flavor. Some appear to be the usual rentables, but some are locals who are just TIRED of this shit happening in THEIR CITY every year. Best of all, some of them are smoking, which is pretty much the ultimate rebellion now.

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