More Quirn Quibbles

Kirn’s latest pithy point:

How many times have I heard it argued that God’s apparent silence argues for his non-existence? Well, mountains exist & they are silent, mostly. Indeed, I’ve come to feel that the most silent things around us exist more durably than the noisy ones, which merely come & go.

Yes, but mere existence isn’t the advertised function of gods.

Even if we take the watchmaker version (which I sort of believe) God isn’t a responsible watchmaker.

Makers debug their products and do customer service. After I finish a courseware project I spend a year intensely debugging, responding to reports from testers and customers. After the big bugs are cleared out, I’m still doing occasional customer service, trying to clarify misunderstood instructions.

Watchmaker God equipped life with an infinity of internal and automatic debugging facilities, but hasn’t returned to fix obvious problems, and doesn’t try to correct bad instructions and false promises given by his wholesalers and retailers.

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