It’s a book code.

Trying to track the latest in Elon vs Twitter, I noticed that Faker Trump is getting into the act with his usual random whiplash, countering Elon’s random whiplash.

I’ve discussed this post-1990 style of random-sounding disorganized emissions from leaders and commentators. It’s dramatically different from the previous organized structure. Bush Senior started it in politics, Rush started it in media.

For some reason an old connection popped up this morning. When I first observed this style in Bush Senior, he was doing something quite specific, which I saw at the time then forgot.

His random-sounding announcements were actually private signals to insiders who knew how to translate the signal and what to do in response.

All language is encryption. The purpose of language is privacy, not transparency.  This type of steganography is a book code.

When Bush Senior popped into the TV screen to read a weirdly inappropriate executive order about imports and exports, ADM knew that the order was a fulfillment of their request, and they could immediately start cornering the market.

I didn’t understand most of the signals, but I had been close enough to the ag industry to read this one. It’s a safe bet that the others were the same.

Faker Elon and Faker Trump are playing the same game. Each apparently random switchback is a signal to a certain group of politicians or traders, and each group knows what to do with the signal. It’s all imperative, not indicative.

The most famous example of this technique is BBC’s commands to the French Resistance. The Resistance leaders had a list of songs and phrases along with the information or command conveyed by each. When BBC casually played one of those songs or uttered one of those phrases, nobody else noticed. The Resistance knew how to translate.

There’s a blurry line between these action signals and ‘dog whistles’. Most dog whistles are not secret and don’t need translation. They are crude attempts to speak the inner language of a specific group. The politician is trying to crash the party, which usually fails. (See Latinx or Chief) Trump pulled this trick successfully when he stated “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.” This is a simple fact, but previous administrations had officially defined Tel Aviv as the capital.  Trump changed a phrase on a piece of paper, with no practical effect. The phrase worked because Evangelicals are citizens of Israel, not citizens of US. They don’t give a fuck about America. The only thing they want to hear from politicians is ISRAEL, just as Repooflicans only want to hear ZERO TAX. Trump is the hyperdiametric hyperopposite of a Christian in more than every conceivable and inconceivable way, but Evangelicals idiotically followed him when he said the magic word.

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