More Girn Gibbles

Kirn’s latest pithy point is offbeam.

Perhaps the most disabling glitch affecting political conversation is people’s inability to grasp that the other side is sincere in its beliefs and views the “facts” which support them as authentic.

What’s missing here? Most beliefs are NOT sincere when declared by the politicians and influencers. Deepstate writes a script with two character roles. Each influencer knows which role to read. Influencers switch “ideas” and “ideologies” instantly when Deepstate changes the script.

Side A believes side B is insincere.  Side B believes side A is insincere.  Both beliefs are correct.


Ordinary people don’t necessarily adhere to MY TEAM’S official crap. They know that some of the official beliefs of MY TEAM are wrong. Doublethink isn’t solid. I’ve been on both “sides” at various times, and I always knew that some of MY TEAM’S points were false or destructive. I felt it was necessary to go along with the crap because MY WONDERFUL TEAM needed to win so it could continue doing exactly the same shit as the HORRIBLE OTHER TEAM.

You can see the team-first attitude in the first few months of this blog, and then the dawning realization that both teams are identical in the second year of this blog. At that time I still hadn’t abandoned neocon shit, but the counterforce was starting to accumulate. The neocon shit was especially stupid because I had previously understood the stageplay accurately, from 1969 to 1990 when I wasn’t watching TV.  In the ’90s I got phase-locked by the neocon team on TV, and it took a LONG time to break the lock.  I wasn’t able to start thinking until I tossed out the TV.

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