Random grumps

A couple of random peeves.

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Most people quote the old saying as

Money is the root of all evil.

This is wrong in two layers.

First and most well known, the real saying is

Love of money is the root of all evil.

This is still one step away from the correct diagnosis.

Hatred of paying is the root of all evil.

Money is natural and innate. Trading tokens for services is part of all social structures from ants to humans. Enjoying value for its own sake, and trying to keep a store of value against future hard times, is also natural and good.

Evil comes from cheating and stealing and swindling. Unbalanced transactions. The sneaky modern swindles are gig work and IPOs and MLMs (including bitcoin), where the sucker is led to believe that he’s on the upward path, slaving for future benefits WHICH NEVER HAPPEN.

In other words,

Meritocracy is the root of all evil.

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Unrelated grump:

I’m dead tired of libertarian types blaming the voters and blaming the sheep.

Voters have no choice, and most of them realize it by now.

Sheep understand that the wolf is waiting to eat stragglers who leave the herd. The wolf doesn’t deify the stragglers as heroes and martyrs. He just eats them. At best you might be protecting other members of the herd by satisfying the wolf’s hunger for a while, but you won’t be remembered for it, and the wolf WILL get hungry again.

Sheep have a better life, and more chance for relative independence, when a competent shepherd is working the flock. There are no shepherds now. All leaders are rabid wolves.

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Pointless and ungrateful tech peeve:

Google has thousands of talented developers. Oddly, they don’t try very hard in several of their services.

Books is the most valuable part of the web by an INFINITE margin, preserving the REAL knowledge from previous centuries and making it easy to access. If I had to choose one part of the modern world to keep while the rest is deleted, the choice would be INFINITELY easy. But the search function in Books is peculiar, making it hard to search by exact title. Attempting to find the exact title doesn’t hit the book itself; it only hits mentions of the book in bibliographies or catalogs.

Blogspot is somewhat easier than WordPress on the writing and editing end, but Blogspot’s internal search function is primitive. It doesn’t have predictive actions, and doesn’t even see word boundaries. It just searches by sequence of letters.  WordPress’s internal search is sophisticated.

Google Docs is somewhat harder to use than Dropbox and a whole lot cheaper (free vs $100/year). But Docs doesn’t have a convenient way to select a group of files for download. You have to download one file at a time, or an entire folder as a ZIP.

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