Zen doesn’t cut it

Substack’s leader McKenzie tweeted:

I’ve seen a bunch of writers on Substack become millionaires from subscriptions now. Lots of half-millionaires too. It’s thrilling to me. When we started this company, “Writers are getting rich” wasn’t a trend.

Most respondents were unhappy with the vagueness. If you’re going to talk about money you need to be numeric. You don’t have to give names, but a percentage is necessary.

In response to the repeated HOW MANY? questions, McKenzie said:

Enough that I don’t feel shameless posting a tweet about it using only vague terms.

Huh? Triple-negative Zen coyness isn’t an answer. Opaqueness doesn’t induce trust. Readers are coming to Substack because we’re TIRED OF OPAQUENESS. We’re tired of bait-n-switch games, where a fake ‘independent’ Pied Piper pulls us in and then converges to the Establishment. If Substack appears to be converging to the norm, we’ll switch off.

See also: Know Your Niche.

= = = = =

And two months later I did switch off after a clear convergence.

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