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[I’m not proud of doing so many derivative ‘reactions’; this blog is meant to hold new animations and new thoughts. Shannon information, not mirrors. But I’m in a dull period now, and the reaction stuff keeps the routine going until the graphics juice returns.]

Latest Kirn provocative thought:

I remember the vogue for “astronaut food” when I was a kid. Tang. Something called “Space Food Sticks.” There was a fetish for the artificial, as though nature existed to be repudiated by chemical engineers. How odd that it’s coming back. I wonder why?

He cites the latest from Superdemon Gates, who is recommending 100% synthetic meat.

First, the trend really hasn’t reversed. Before 1970 it was harder to find whole-wheat bread and fresh vegies in regular grocery stores. Unless you grew your own, or lived in a big city with specialized bakers and butchers, you had to make do with extremely processed food.

Second, synthetic isn’t the goal of the Davos/Schwab/Soros/Gates crowd. They have made it grotesquely clear that peasants should be eating insects, not fake meat.  Torture is their purpose.   Room 101 is their precise exact verbatim blueprint.  Clamp muzzles around our faces and force-feed ants and beetles and scorpions.  Jack off while we scream and die.

The apparent trend toward synthetic meat is just an outgrowth of 14 years of free “money” from central banks. All sorts of nonsensical fake companies were spinning up, NOT intended to make real products or change diets. They were solely meant to attract money from idiot venture capitalists, and then abscond with the money. Now that the central banks have stopped counterfeiting, these fake companies are collapsing FAST.

I’ve discussed the new fake meat from the experience of a long-time vegetarian. The new companies weren’t trying to compete with existing soy-meat makers. They were pretending to seek new customers from carnivores, knowing full well that it wouldn’t happen.


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Sidenote: Highly processed food has been a problem for a long time, and overall the trend is in a positive direction.

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