From a review of a new metaverse game:

“Grit is going to be one of the very first [NFT-based] games on the Epic Games store,” Gala Games said at Galaverse. “This is the moment that it’s all gonna start to change, and everybody’s gonna figure out that…why would you play any game where you don’t own what you buy in the game?”

Well, the only thing that’s gonna change is the financial backing for this multi-layered idiocy. Most gamers have figured out already that buying in the game is a bad idea, and “owning” what you buy is logically impossible. When you buy a real tomato or a real refrigerator, you can get real usage from it. A tomato exists after you bring it home from the store. You can eat it and gain real nutrition. A refrigerator exists after it’s installed. You can store the tomato for later use.

The “assets” in games exist solely inside the imaginary world of the game. When the game program isn’t running on your computer, the weapons or land DO NOT EXIST even in imagination, so you can’t own them.

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Intelligent animals always play games. The whole point of games is TEMPORARY ownership and TEMPORARY victory. A dog playing tug-of-war owns the blanket after this pull, but he’s going to set it down and relinquish ownership so we can play again.  [And again and again and again…]

Human games have always involved temporary ownership of chips or markers. In chess, I take your pawns, but after the game is done they go back in the box. They’re not mine. That’s the whole difference between play and real.

Monopoly had the first formalized in-game economy that simulated the look and feel of real business. I buy Park Place and build a hotel, and you pay me rent every time you stay at my hotel. Again, the deed and the hotel drop back in the box when the game is over.

The NFT nonsense is trying to create a delusional real-looking “ownership” of a number that refers to the purely imaginary weapon. The number exists after the game is over, but the number is not a usable object like a tomato or a real steel sword. When the owners of the game’s server decide to delete the game, all the imaginary swords are gone. They can’t be called into dream-existence. You’re still holding a very expensive number. Now the number doesn’t even refer to a purely temporary dream-sword. It’s just a number.

Cranking up the old paranoia dial, training youngsters to accept delusional fake ownership is highly advantageous for the robber barons. They’re moving FAST toward total ownership of all land and material objects. “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

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