A smart attack on meritocracy

YongYea has been making gameplay videos daily for 10 years, gradually including more discussion of the overall scene, and more analysis of the economics of the scene.

I don’t know ANY of the details he discusses. I’ve been working and playing right next to gaming, and some of my early Poser pythons and graphics were used in gaming; but I’ve never played. Gambling and gaming are simply alien.

Despite my ignorance, YongYea’s analysis is always worth hearing. He’s a strict realist, never departs from his own experience, never follows theories. In this clip he notes that videogames are just as bad as the real economy. Pay-to-play is spreading through all games. Pay-to-play means that rich fuckheads always win. You can “earn” the tools and weapons by long hours of successful play, but the rich can buy the weapons instantly. The rich always win.

Good old meritocracy. As always, “you’re not trying hard enough” is a cruel hoax. You can’t try hard enough to beat the aristocrats. The aristocrats arrange the system to create endless frustration. In culture or popularity or money or videogames, innate status always wins.

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