Joining the guess crowd

Big kerfuffle today: A Dead Man’s Switch on the whole bitcoin crime. The sender claims to be dying, and claims to have monitored conversations between most of the Big Dudes in bitcoin. He mentions three types of crime: Rugpulls and similar scams, sexual stuff, and assassinations.

Rugpulls, insider trading, etc, are the opposite of news. Shocked to find gambling in a casino. It’s been clear from the start that the whole structure was solely designed for this type of manipulation. Enrich the rich, ruin the poor.

Sexual stuff would be equally unsurprising and basically irrelevant. Deepstate types recruit by blackmail.

Assassinations would be news. There have been several unexpected young deaths among the Big Dudes, especially in circles connected to Craig Wright.

Some commentators made a point that I didn’t think of. If you’re really dying and letting it all hang out, you don’t let it out in two-week intervals with hints about each section. The hints give the Big Dudes time to cover their tracks. Or time to pay the “leaker” to remove their info from the “leak”.

My guess, based only on a cyclical pattern: Satoshi was obviously CIA. He started the bitcoin enterprise to help Deepstate stir up trouble and gather info on the trouble. Now we’ve reached the end of the enterprise, signaled by the same Deepstate in the same mysterious way.

Satoshi started the crime in the middle of the 2009 TARP stuff, at the same moment when the central banks started ZIRP and QE to enable all sorts of chicanery in the regular stock markets and the dark markets. He left a message about QE in his startup code. This year the central banks have shut off the QE spigot, so it’s also time to reverse Satoshi.

= = = = =

Footnote: Both ends of this long counterfeit flood are mysterious. I always wondered WHY the central banks decided to divert the entire economy into fraud. Stock traders and real banks were highly profitable before 2008, using real money naturally regulated by the feedback loop of real interest. A few robber barons became even more insanely rich after 2008, and beyond infinitely demonically rich in 2020. At the start, those few weren’t in top power positions, so it’s unlikely that they bribed the central banks to start QE. Many traditional banks and pension funds and insurers, with massive lobbying power, lost money during the QE period, and their losses were easy to predict. Why didn’t they lobby against QE?

The shutoff end is equally mysterious. At this point Bezos and Elon have all the money and power in the world, and the insurers and pensions are diminished. Why turn around now, when the loss of counterfeit will benefit the Untermenschen and slightly annoy the Ubermenschen?

= = = = =

Update 6/16: The “leaker” originally claimed he would release the first load on 6/15. Now he has sent out a Never Mind note, saying it was all a hoax. Unsurprising. Most “leaks” are signals to specific operators, not intended to provide actual information. The recipients know what to do with these signals, and outsiders will never figure it out.

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