Same pattern

In the Edwards book I’m reading now, he analyzes the government’s method of controlling media. He was writing in the mid-60s based on his broadcasting experience since the ’20s. He had seen this pattern repeatedly from the inside, and not just about UFOs.

1. Deepstate didn’t try very hard to control local newspapers or local radio. They focused mainly on national media, radio and TV networks and major magazines.

2. Deepstate kicks off an event by announcing the official line. (UFOs don’t exist, assassins and “terrorists” are lone gunmen, Russia causes all problems.) This tells the national media where they will be SAFE. As long as they stay in the SAFE zone, they can count on good ACCESS and renewed LICENSES.

3. Then Deepstate steers national media back into the SAFE zone when they stray. First using gentle persuasion, cutting off ACCESS to sources or cutting off defense contracts for sponsors. If that’s not enough, revoke broadcast LICENSES or pull blackmail dossiers.

The national vs local distinction is still familiar. Local media is considerably weaker and sparser now, but some big cities  have competing papers or independent radio stations. Those locals often carry UNSAFE info about official events like 9/11, which never makes it into the national media. If you don’t live there you never hear it.

The “virus” hoax was new in its total eclipse. No local media departed from the SAFE zone at all.

Later: No, that’s not true. Some local TV stations featured hot-mic moments where officials were seen cavorting without muzzles, or heard discussing the real facts. Those moments didn’t reach the national media, and social networks quickly suppressed sharing, so they’re hard to remember.

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