No, you didn’t “Hold Accountable”

A few months ago Deepstate created a literal Ministry of Truth, which wasn’t really new, just a formalized declaration of their permanent activities. They appointed a young womxn with a well-established social media presence. She was famous for singing a Mary Poppins parody song making fun of “extremists” and “terrorists”.

The naive “conservatives” raised a stink, and Deepstate “paused” the ministry and fired Poppins. The naive “conservatives” declared victory. Oh boy! We won! We held them accountable! Public pressure worked!

Realists, including me, tried to warn the idealists that Deepstate doesn’t work that way. Deepstate never fires its employees for being TOO EVIL. Deepstate only fires ineffective demons, or demons who create too much static and interference.

And sure enough, the Ministry is back, with the perfectly scary Skeletor (Chertoff) as its head. Skeletor is not cute or perky. Skeletor is a burning fleshless ascetic zombie with a lifetime devotion to excruciating torture and mass murder. Room 101 squared.

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