It’s all in the baseline

MindMatters nicely handles Jeffrey Tucker’s confused and incomplete realization. Tucker admits that information was useless, but he still takes the aristocratic side, treating peasants as dumb cowardly beasts. MindMatters (probably Denyse but not bylined) gives Tucker a healthy kick.

I’ve gone through the same process of realization, starting from a different baseline and with a different set of paycheck pressures. At the start of the “virus” hoax I believed that information would help. I hoped that somebody would break the blackmail, which would release the demonic spell.

After a few months I realized that the spell was voluntary, not enforced by death threats or blackmail. As more governors cut loose and didn’t get suicided or ruined, the purely innate distinction between demons and humans came into sharp relief.

Tucker lives in a world of aristocrats, and his paychecks from various thinktanks have always guided him to support the Libertarian Ubermenschen. I live in a working-class world, and my paycheck is unrelated to politics. So my realization was shamefully late in life, but still a bit ahead of Tucker’s realization.

Review of the process, from Jan 2022:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

I figured out INSTANTLY** that this shit was about power, not health. The first mention of the holocaust in this blog was 2/20/20. After that I started to pin down and narrow down various aspects. At first I thought there was a real virus but not a real epidemic. Gradually I decided that the virus, if any, was just an accidental connection.

Right now I’m ‘agnostic’ in the literal sense that knowledge is impossible. It seems more likely that Deepstate’s main goal is to eliminate immunity and open the way for every disease and virus. This fits the Parkinson endless war model. Looking at it the other way, Deepstate is perfectly capable of generating panics and genocides with NO actual substance or reality at the base. See global warming or Skripal. Witch hunters have always worked this way. Engage the OCD Karens in a perpetual unachievable hunt for an invisible and undetectable particle which MUST BE EXTERMINATED, and watch the fun.

We’ll never know for sure which angle is true, because all “data” is secret forever, and all “tests” for the “virus” are known to be false.

From the exact start I knew that prison and ballgags and distancing were NOT medical ways of dealing with a virus. Imprisoning and killing and binding and gagging innocent people are WAR CRIMES, not medicine.

When did I first catch the psychopathic aspect? It was easily visible in May 2020, dealing with the chickenshit city “government”:

= = = = =

The basic fact about a psychopath is that he must IMPOSE HIS WILL at all times. Obedience is never enough. After you obey, he has to change the rules and make you obey again, then change the rules again and make you obey again.

I remembered my first cellmate in April 1969. Charlie was a small-scale psychopath, not qualified to be a governor or president, but he showed the same basic characteristic. He needed to WIN every single interaction, and then change the rules to WIN again, then change the rules to WIN again.

I had no hope of conquering him, but I figured out how to BORE him. I obeyed beyond his wishes each time, never protesting or complaining. Each time he got tired of imposing and punching and raping. He got bored. This happened every evening, so it was a bit wearisome and bruising for me, but the alternative was death. I preferred life.

Spokane’s city government has been trying to bore rot-brained Thrill Killer Inslee, but he’s a higher-quality psychopath than my cellie. He doesn’t stay bored.

There’s an added distinction. When I was trying to keep Charlie bored, I wasn’t hurting anyone else. I was taking the beatings and rapes without passing them on. When the city is trying to keep Inslee bored, they are PARTICIPATING in the genocide. They are passing along the beatings to 300k innocent people who did nothing to deserve prison. Worst of all, the actual criminals are getting LESS punishment than before because the chickenshit county wants to “protect them from a virus”, whatever the fuck that means. Every day things get crazier, more suicides, more despair, more starvation.

= = = = =

And later on the global level in August 2020:

= = = = =

The real scientists who spoke out against the holocaust have not been punished. Some media platforms choose not to carry the info, but it’s widely available, not censored. Ioannidis, the super-courageous hero who broke the dam, is still employed and still paid. Nobody else in US or UK has followed him through the breach. Many scientists and doctors in Europe have been speaking the truth from the start, and none of them are in jail or fired.

The lack of punishment focuses our attention sharply on the PERSONALITY of individual leaders, not on government systems or ideologies. I noted some common factors among the initial sane countries, but it’s mostly PERSONALITY.

From this viewpoint, it’s highly instructive that none of the holocausters have resigned. No mayors have said “I can’t do this. I can’t carry out the governor’s mass murder. Find somebody else.” Instead, all mayors in crazy states are ENJOYING the holocaust.

Watching the slaves crawl around, bound and gagged, barely able to function, trying to maintain a little bit of life while they wait for the next horrible STOMP. Absolute heaven for psychopaths.

The situation got worse after August. Nearly all leaders converged into aiding the holocaust, and then later a new group, led by DeSantis, started to break away from the holocaust. A few of the honest scientists were fired. But the overall pattern is the same.

= = = = =

**Footnote: I had a geographic advantage in seeing the fakery. Spokane received some of the first publicly announced “cases” of the “virus”, in our big hospitals and in the Veterans Administration nursing home. The VA is a half mile upwind from my house. If the “virus” was as bad as the monsters claimed, this whole neighborhood would have died. We didn’t muzzle and we didn’t die.

I didn’t understand the importance of the VA until November 2020 when Jeffrey Tucker told the horrible backstory of “bioterror adviser” Carter Mecher.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

So I need to thank Tucker for bringing the Mecher story out into the open. It contributed hugely to my understanding of the Bush roots of this monstrosity. But none of this information affected the demons in the slightest, BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNEW IT.


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