More Snowden crap

A new “leaker” is “exposing” some CIA secrets.

What is he exposing? CIA hires hackers.


As with Snowden and Manning, this is a suspiciously meaningless and informationless “leak”, probably designed to serve some unknown secondary purpose. Snowden “revealed” that NSA monitors everything, which is NSA’s explicit mission and purpose. Manning “revealed” that diplomats negotiate with people they don’t like, which is the fucking job description of diplomats.

Spy agencies always hire hackers. Hacker is another name for spy. Same personality, same tactics. Maybe the technology is slightly new. Again, this is the fucking job description.

The author gets one thing right: A spy agency shouldn’t piss off its employees. They know how to strike back for maximum effect.

Unless this is a purely strategic “leak” by a loyal employee posing as a defector.

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