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Watching idiots lose their money is fun. Non-idiots are joining in various forums with various ways of indicating the fun. It occurred to me that there should be a special food or beverage for idiot-watching. Popcorn is too generic.

Oh. I already had this idea, and already illustrated it!

Reprint from last year on the importance of idiot-watching:

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For many years I’ve been comparing the earlier MODULAR view of the world with the modern GLOBALIST view. It was much easier to keep irrelevant shit out of your mind when media wasn’t forcing you to see the whole universe as OUR BUSINESS.

More recently I’ve been thinking that we should go back to seeing external shit as ENTERTAINMENT. Nature gives us the ability to laugh at other people’s trouble for a reason. Laughter is learning. If you truly learn from watching mistakes and failures, you won’t need to make as many of your own mistakes. This part of Nature has also been completely destroyed by modern governments and media. We are never allowed to laugh at ANYTHING. All real comedy is censored, and all learning of all sorts is immediately CRUSHED.

Here’s a wonderful example from Feb 1936. An ad for Scott radios.


March of a million soldiers breaking the untrodden sod of a new empire – peace pacts – the newest continental dances – death from the air – Olympics – history in the making! It’s your world! Get some thrills out of it!

PHI in Huizen sends you the news of the world direct from seething Europe! Get it before it’s canned! Get it direct with a SCOTT, with a regularity, a diamond clarity, a magnificent undistorted power and a more beautiful true tone than any other radio in the world!

The ad intentionally mixes entertainment in the “proper” sense with entertainment in the NATURAL sense. Dances and death, Olympics and soldiers. It’s all THRILLS.

It’s your world! Get some thrills! This attitude is the best form of mental immunity against a CARING tyranny.

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