Ultimately it doesn’t matter

For a long time I’ve been observing the Bitcoin Balance. Among influencers, the bitcoin realists are ferociously anti-realist on all other topics. The realists about most topics are enthusiastically selling bitcoin.

Sometimes I find it hard to maintain realism about bitcoin. The anti-coiners are solidly and screechily Woke, following all ESG and WEF ideologies. Do I really want to share an intellectual side with this?

Along with corporations and media, the anti-coiners would be more persuasive on the important point if they would stop screeching about the other stuff.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter, because the central banks have changed the landscape. Bitcoin, along with the stupider parts of the “conventional” stock market, is dying from dehydration now that the fountain of free money has been turned off. Influence on both sides is irrelevant now. The extreme abstractions on both ends, bitcoin and ESG, are withering.

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