Not a plan, just an intention

Kirn’s latest pithy point:

Simulating all aspects of the Creation so that they can be monetized — and destroying those that can’t — is pretty much the whole of the evil plan.

True, but it’s not a very effective plan. A vast pile of money and effort and influence is going into the Metaverse. Zuck has poured 50 billion into research, and has nothing to show for it. Thousands of Youtubers are eagerly advertising the potential of…. what? They can’t define what it is.

Digital VR helmets have been around since 1980, and haven’t improved. Many people like the concept and hope of VR, but NOBODY likes it after trying it.

On the monetization end, gamers hate it. Gamers are already deeply involved in a 2D imaginary world. They love it AS IT IS. Every effort to connect the games to NFTs or micropayments or metaverses stirs up hatred and rejection. Each company gives up and returns to 2D after briefly trying the metaverse and losing half their customers.

The whole fucking point of games, whether Checkers or Monopoly or Xbox, is ENTERTAINMENT and ESCAPE from the horrible real world, not FORCIBLE IMMERSION in the World According To Schwab.

The oldest rule in business:

People buy Brand A because they like Brand A. They don’t buy Brand A because they wish it was something else. They don’t buy Brand A because they want it to be just like Brand B. The people who like Brand B are buying Brand B.

Find your own niche and stick to it.

= = = = =

Addendum: I forgot the destruction side of Kirn’s sentence. This part of the plan is NOT new. Destruction of the real economy and real business began in the 1970s when Nixon surrendered to China, and has been advancing steadily since then. By 2000 there was nothing left but agriculture in US. The “virus” hoaxocaust killed a large part of small service businesses, and some of them will never recover. All investment circulates inside the stock market. No money goes into constructing new factories.

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