Bioethics and Roe

Wesley Smith writes an inside view of the Roe overturn. Smith has been writing and agitating against bioethics for a long time. He was involved in a 1997 Supreme case that unanimously ruled against a “right” for assisted suicide. The usual bioethics demons, plus MDs (Mengele Demons), were arguing for assisted suicide. Oddly enough the state of Washington was arguing against it. Couldn’t happen now!

Smith knows how to read the footnotes and implications, and shows how this month’s Roe overturn based its logic on the 1997 refusal of assisted suicide. Roe created a “right” that wasn’t intended by the founders and certainly wasn’t in the “constitution”. The court had summarily rejected such creations in the 1997 decision, but didn’t get around to extending the logic until now.

I started this blog in 2005 as an anguished response to the evils of bioethics. The subject is close to my soul. I’m glad to see that other writers have been championing the side more effectively and consequentially.

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