Proudly bankrupt

A new Pew poll of “journalists” and humans is mostly unsurprising.

“Journalists” think they’re doing a wonderful job, except for inadequate diversity in their own workplace, and except that “journalists” aren’t paid enough.

Humans know that “journalists” are demons.

Here’s the one surprising exception that deserves further thought. “Journalists” have an accurate picture of how humans see them. They know that humans see them as vicious cruel evil purveyors of war and crime and lies.

When a normal business knows that its customers hate its products, AND KNOWS THAT THE CUSTOMERS ARE LEAVING EN MASSE, the business would try to change its products to bring the customers back. “Journalism” doesn’t see any need to change. It’s proud of serving Satan, and proud of going bankrupt.

In other words, “journalists” have empathy but refuse to use it. They don’t apply empathy to improve the lives of humans, and they don’t apply empathy to increase their OWN wealth. Both of those goals would work together.

Pew didn’t try to explore or explain this peculiar disconnect, and I can’t figure it out.

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