The ballgags are returning today after the standard two-month torturer’s pause. New announcements in the bus say “Masks are not required but please mask up and stay home if you’re sick.” New signs in the stores say “Masks encouraged.” The acceleration from encouraged to required will be two weeks. Bet on it.

Of course there was no warning.  Demons always strike without warning.  The bus system’s website has no new info, and the “local” TV station websites have nothing.

I was feeling a sense of dread when the two-month timer on the bus system’s pause dinged with no action. The two-month timer on Demon Inslee’s Viagra was already a month overdue. The population had reached a point of relaxation. After a month of 20% ballgags, the percentage had faded down to essentially zero.

That’s the real action signal for demons. When the victims are totally relaxed, STOMP AND KILL.

Now my sense of dread is replaced by good old demonic Nazi hell again. Relief? Maybe.

The torturer’s timer.

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