Another converger

Last week I noted that Batya had been unusually silent for a while. Now she pops up again, joining her fellow fake “independents” in total convergence to Deepstate. The old bait-n-switch game, also known as Pied Piper.

Unsurprising but disappointing. She was advancing an important set of principles about the proper role of journalism. Now she’s just applying for a job at MSNBC.

Come to think of it, her overall campaign would fit the replace-Maddow hypothesis. She has been demonstrating her unique interviewing skills in every clip. Now she’s signing the loyalty oath.

“I am not now, nor have I ever been, a JANUARY_6_VIOLENT_INSURRECTIONIST.”

= = = = =

Later: Sounds like Substack itself might be converging or collapsing as a result of the central bank shutoff of venture capital. They’re laying off employees. This is also unsurprising given the peculiarly cagey discussions of profits by its leaders, and frankly not disappointing by now. The promise of a Hundred Flowers turned out to be only two or three worth reading. I’ll keep up with those few after they move.

Censorship isn’t the problem, just low quality and low quantity. Some of the best writers are only using Substack as a billboard to link their main products elsewhere.

Censorship isn’t the main problem anywhere. Constraints are always present, and good creators do their best work under constraints.

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