Good old CIA-sponsored “resistance”

Checking the latest uploads at American Radio Library, tried a 1966 issue of Downbeat, the jazz magazine. Might be some pretty ’60s girls or some interesting old tech. No pretty girls; jazzMEN were all MEN. No interesting tech; jazzMEN didn’t go for electronics.

Instead, some insights into the Deepstate-sponsored “rebellion” of jazz.

I’d already noted that CIA was an active spreader of jazz as part of its long-term psychopath campaign to impose total chaos and war everywhere. The Wikileaks archive of CIA docs from the ’70s is full of CIA and State Dept sponsorship of specific “progressive” jazz groups, including college jazz bands. “Progressive” jazz, like “modern” “classical”, is random squeaks and honks and booms.

First, from the letters column:

I have been a steady reader of DownBeat for the last 10 years, and during this period 1 have read many excellent articles on jazz concerts and festivals. However, after reading the report of Willis Conover on the Prague jazz festival and jazz in eastern Europe, I can say that it is, without doubt, the best documentary on a big jazz event I have ever read. I would like to express the thanks of Hungarians to Conover for his nice comments on our jazz life.

I congratulate Willis Conover for his two lively and interesting articles on the International Festival of Jazz. Both articles gave a true, on-the-spot account as well of jazz activity in Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest.

Conover of VOA was a major part of our chaos superspreader campaign. Hungarian jazz fans loved what he did, and helped us to destroy their civilization.

Then the horribly familiar process of blaming Russia for OUR crimes:

When he was first approached about it some six months ago, bandleader Woody Herman was not too enthusiastic about the idea . . . but at the urging of the U.S. State Department, he finally agreed to take his Herd on a tour of Eastern European countries that would include several engagements in Russia. Now, however, it looks as though Herman’s trepidation was well founded. As a result of the death of Newcomb Mott, whose trial, imprisonment, and supposed suicide on a Soviet prison train followed his illegal entry into Russia last September, the State Department issued a warning to American tourists of the inadvisability of travel in the Soviet Union.

Note that Mott was imprisoned after ILLEGALLY ENTERING Russia. See hikers. We send spies to invade other countries, then make war against the countries after they “unfairly” catch our “innocent” spies.

The warning pointed out that Russian attitudes toward, and treatment of, American tourists were “colored by the tone of political relations between the two countries,” now strained because of the Viet Nam war.

Russia didn’t start the Vietnam war. China started the revolution in Vietnam, and we decided to defend our incompetent proxy regime against CHINA. Russia had very little connection with the war.

Then from the editorials, a plea for MORE government sponsorship!

For the first time since the depression, the federal government is systematically,
actively subsidizing the arts. Through the National Aris Endowment, grants are being distributed to drama companies, writers, and eventually lo dancers, painters, symphony orchestras, and such. The new federal subsidizers also will provide grants that will enable colleges and universities to have more writers in residence, teachers in residence, painters in residence. Why not combos in residence? And elder jazz statesmen in residence?

Sure enough, CIA took up Downbeat’s suggestion. Or more likely Downbeat was helping to boost CIA’s idea among the jazzMEN.

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