Giant waste of talent

There’s an interesting desistance movement in videogaming. Influencers are ganging up on game companies that specialize in addictive gambling with REAL MONEY.

At the moment the worst offender is Diablo Immortal. The influencers, who have been playing the game intensively, have figured out all the super-complex steps needed to … win? Well, it’s not really winning, it’s just “equipping your character completely”. I have no idea what this means, but it’s apparently the goal. Or rather it’s part of the goal, because you also need to equip all the other characters completely.

The path to complete equipment includes an unbelievably complex pile of layers, each with different names and mathematical functions. There are Gems and Legendary Gems and stars on the gems and resonances on the stars and more stars that open up when you resonate each star…

This is explicitly gambling, not work, because every one of these fake achievements is governed by random numbers. So you can’t know in advance how much real  money you need to insert in the 5489th slot of the machine to reach the point where you may be eligible to put real money in the 5490th slot of the machine.

YongYea sums up the calcs, and concludes that if you’re unlucky at each step you’ll need HALF A MILLION DOLLARS OF REAL MONEY to equip one character.

The information campaign is working, because the number of players is dropping off quickly, and some servers are no longer carrying the game.

Unlike the Reddit short squeeze campaigns, which were actually orchestrated by one Wall Street fuckhead to maximize his own wealth, this is a simple boycott, and it’s having an effect.

= = = = =


Similar levels of mathy complexity are involved in many REAL jobs, now offshored or eliminated by tech or shut down by the “virus”.  Cooking, sewing, farming, printing, tool-and-die making, car repair, TV repair, all involve layers of semi-mathy knowledge, and all produce REAL RESULTS in return for REAL WAGES.

Gambling produces nothing but debt and sorrow.

These gamblers have tremendous untapped talents, which formerly helped to keep a real civilization going. They served real human needs and RECEIVED real money in return for using their talents. Now they’re using their talents to LOSE MONEY and enrich the owner of the game company.

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