Two pies on the menu

Speaking of Tau, here’s a half-baked thought.

Bitcoin and tech unicorn IPOs are opposite political sides of the same economic bubble. Both are aimed at the same demographic group of suckers, young white males.

The economic pied-piper is identical for both styles of pie. Standard bubble technique, practiced for 400 years.

1. Central banks blow up a bubble with air-money.

2. Influencers pull in suckers who invest their life savings and more, going into lifetime debt.

3. Central banks pop the bubble, leaving all the money in the hands of Goldman and JPMorgan. The indebtedness stays with the suckers, and the money itself stays with Morgan. Borrowing without debt.

The political pied-pipers for these two sub-bubbles are opposite. Since the 1880 founding of Deepstate, some bubbles (not all) have adopted a political side. Deepstate uses a bubble to attract alienated young males of a specific flavor. As they sacrifice their money and labor, Deepstate publicly marks them with the bubble brand. When the bubble collapses, their failure is publicly shamed.

Suckers for tech unicorns are fashionable believers in all Deepstate orthodoxies. Tesla fans are environmentalists and “virus” muzzlers and cultural Wokists. Their failure will not be shamed. They will be poor, but their orthodoxy will enable them to stay on the status ladder. They might even get a bailout.

Suckers for bitcoin have been carefully cultivated. Bitcoin cult leaders are REALISTS on all other topics. Now that bitcoin has been popped, REALISTS can be held up to public ridicule as impoverished fools.

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