More Xirn Xibbles

Kirn is making a strong point here, but I can still find a way to quibble!

Note to my bumptious unorthodox younger friends: Lots of tricky “honey pots” on this site right now meant to draw you by degrees into anti-whomever grunting neo-primitivism so you can go on a big list to be used against you later, quite possibly. Stay at the other end of the bar!

Other end of the bar is PRECISE and POWERFUL, but the proper word is honeytrap, not honeypot.

I dealt with this semantic fussiness in 2019.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Honeypot for honeytrap.

Example 1:

Mike Flynn’s Alleged Honeypot Slams Russiagate ‘Spy’ Stefan Halper And Journos Who Covered For Him

Example 2:

Whatever the truths of the matter, it certainly looks like the intelligence community was all over the Trump campaign like flies on shit, and if the Papadopoulos interview and book are correct, not merely doing “counter-intelligence,” but setting up honeypots, coat-trailing, installing moles, etc.

Clarifying the difference:

This is a honeypot.

This is a honeytrap.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Honeytraps aren’t always sexy, but they are always attractive or impressive or charismatic in some way.

The original and literal honeytrap is a snapdragon. The term was extended metaphorically to human ‘honeys’ who call you ‘honey’ and then bop you upside the head to knock you down into the sticky stuff.

When you start smelling the sticky stuff, get the fuck out. Don’t be there.

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