Will be interesting to watch

Japan’s former PM Abe has been shot and killed while making a campaign speech for his political protege.

We constantly jabber about Historic Firsts and Unprecedented Events. This is the real thing, and this is going to throw a monkeywrench into a lot of global calculations.

Abe was the perfect globalist and neocon in some ways. He used QE and ZIRP aggressively. He was trying to get rid of post-WW2 legally enforced pacifism, and had taken several steps in that direction.

BUT: He was NOT in line with globalist policies on the “virus”. He tried to maintain normalcy, and after he “resigned” in 2020 his replacement locked down in conformance with the Mecher holocaust plan.

Basic historical fact: Leaders are NEVER killed by lone gunmen. Leaders are ALWAYS killed by competing leaders. True for thousands of years. See Machiavelli.

Why did the competition want Abe dead? Economics or military or “virus”? Or just personal grudges?  Is there a connection with yesterday’s non-lethal removal of Boris?

It will be interesting to watch the global response, which should indicate the reason for both removals fairly soon.

= = = = =

Constants and variables: When non-political gangsters are shot, our media and historians never play the crazed gunman game. We correctly assume that a rival non-political gangster hired the hitman. But when political gangsters are shot, we go directly to the random wacko myth and NEVER consider the historical constant.

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