More Zirn Zibbles

Kirn is praising the Beats again:

All the worst bland utopian conformist “scientific” aspects of 1950s culture which the Beat writers eloquently reviled and Hollywood and popular music then spent decades satirizing are present again today at stultifying levels.

But where are the peers of those writers? Absent.

More than a quibble again. The premise is just flat wrong. The Beats were trivial, not serious non-conformists. They were Deepstate agents. In the ’50s there were some serious nonconformists and serious critics of science-based conformity. They lived in odd places like Enid. and they worked in odd places like computer centers.

Where are the nonconformist writers now? Same places. Nonconformist artists are everywhere now, eg Anime and videogaming.

The basic rule is the same in all eras:

A “resistance” movement that is recognized by media and adopted by culture was designed by Deepstate. Real nonconformist creativity happens in unexpected places and unlikely situations, without a movement.

It’s just a tautology. Nonconformists are not part of a movement BY DEFINITION. Members of a movement are conformists BY DEFINITION.

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