Gedankenexperiment rides again

Listening to Hoeg’s detailed presentation of the latest turn in Elon vs Twitter.

I’ve been puzzled by the importance of the bot count. Why is this the absolute deal-breaker? The political to gangster transform answers the question.

Change the characters from political gangsters to old-fashioned non-political gangsters to spot the underlying pattern.

Twitter is a purely political gangster. Its sole purpose is to elect Democrats and destroy Republicans. Nothing else.

What’s the equivalent of bots in the old-fashioned gangster world? Shell companies. Juveniles working as drug mules because juveniles don’t serve time. Nail salons acting as fronts for drug sales.

Twitter’s bots fall into the drug mule category. Evading campaign finance rules and “voter integrity” rules via unidentifiable (non-human) campaigners and voters.

Hmm. Maybe there’s a better analogy in old-fashioned politics itself. Gravestone voters transformed to software voters.

Incidentally, here’s a great comedy routine on gravestone voters from the golden age of Fairness Doctrine NON-PARTISAN comedy. (Starts at 3:20)

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