Elon is out.

He’s outta here. Fortune mag thinks the whole weird game was just a distraction so he could sell a bunch of Tesla stock without destroying the value.

On multiple choice tests, teachers used to advise sticking with your first semi-conscious guess. Gut is usually (not always) correct when facts are lacking. In this case my first gut on April 15 was correct after all.

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The flurry of “news” about Elon’s “battle” with Twitter reminded me of my Follies theme. Sometimes a rich man’s toy advances science.

Elon superficially resembles Ned Green, who inherited his evil mother’s criminally acquired fortune and tried to turn it toward enjoyment of science.

The spaceflight competition among Elon and Bezos and Branson also has a similar flavor.

There’s one big difference. The spaceflight competition is NOT advancing science or technology in any way. These three toy-loving rich fuckheads are simply recreating an achievement from 50 years ago. It’s more like an expensive road race of classic cars.

Does Elon intend to turn Twitter into a more open and less censorious platform? Or is he just pumping and dumping to make more money?

Since today is Take A Wild Guess Day, I’ll bet on pumping and dumping. Not a strong bet. Remains to be seen.

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Since today is Reminds Me Of Old Joke Day, the Fortune guess reminds me:

One day a security guard stopped a worker who was walking out of the factory pushing a
wheelbarrow with a suspicious looking package in it. The guard opened the package and found it contained nothing but some old bits of rubbish, sawdust and floor-sweepings.

The next day he stopped the same worker who was again pushing a wheelbarrow containing a suspicious looking package. Once more it contained nothing of any value.

The same thing happened several days in a row, until the guard finally said, ‘OK, I give up. I know you are up to something, but I just can’t tell what. Please, I promise not to arrest you, but put me out of my misery; tell me what you are stealing.’


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