Flow chart

Just for fun, let’s try another multiple-choice bet.

Assuming Elon is really done with the game, Twitter has two choices. (1) Keep the litigation going, or (2) charge Elon a billion dollars as per the contract.

Take the money and run would be the only conceivable choice for humans, but I don’t know how demons think.

[Update: Demons gotta demon. Martyrs to Satan’s glory. Twitter has decided to grind out a long court process, which will drain even more of their resources and paralyze even more of their planning and lose even more of their Holy Share Value, while Elon dances around and turns every Twitter move into an even larger Twitter loss. So the rest of this flowchart is invalid.]

[Aside from Elon’s specific talents, Twitter is making a basic numerical error. When the opponent is small, eg a company with 20 million dollars and 2 lawyers, a long court battle is a guaranteed win. The 2 lawyers will instantly settle. But Elon has more money than Twitter and can hire better lawyers.]

Assuming they take the billion, Twitter’s managers then have two choices.

(1) Keep the status quo going, or (2) alter course.

Big problem: (1) Status quo is no longer sustainable.  Discarding massive piles of “low-quality” productcustomers only works in IPO cash-burn mode. Cash-burn mode is obsolete now that the central banks have stopped pouring endless counterfeit into the ESG-demanding stock market. Without the endless fountain, cash-burn leads to bankruptcy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose (1) bankruptcy anyway. Most media demons are choosing it. Serving Satan comes first, even if it means sacrificing the company.

If they choose (2) profit over bankruptcy, they will have to take all the steps Elon outlined. Control bots, fade out the censorship, stop kicking out Unpersons, treat customers as customers, start charging subscriptions for service.

In other words, beat Substack at its own game.

In other other words, Elon gets what he wants for a price of 1 billion instead of 44 billion.

= = = = =

Later note for clarity: It sounds like I’m halfway rooting for Twitter. I’m not. I’m glad to see NATURAL JUSTICE underway, as Satan’s media continue to ruin their own businesses by repelling customers. They’re also ruining business by creating unnecessary turmoil in management. Litigating against a superior opponent guarantees turmoil. Many NGOs and businesses are unable to carry out their evil missions because the Woke employees are quarreling with the slightly less Woke managers. Emersonian justice…. or more precisely Parkinsonian justice. A business that loses its REAL purpose always descends into crime and chaos.

= = = = =

Another later note, following Batya’s observations. Facebook is like the tabloid papers. It serves half of the world’s population. Most people don’t live on it; they just check a few pages to see what’s going on. Twitter is MUCH smaller and more intense, serving primarily the journalistic and bureaucratic demons. They live inside Twitter and get all of their “news” “stories” from Twitter. In old-fashioned terms Twitter is identical to the wire services like AP and UPI. Those wire services were funded by the newspaper publishers. Twitter should take the same path, funded by a consortium of the demonic media who live inside it.

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