Beyond convergence

Looking for a link, I noticed my earlier discussions of the fake “free university” in Austin. Decided it was time for another peek at their website. The main banner still shows their lack of real purpose. They’re waiting for accreditation instead of going ahead and running some classes.

Dammit, rent a suite of offices and start teaching. Establish your literal intellectual property, create a fait accompli. After the IP is claimed and used, the accrediting bureaucrats will have a hard time breaking the bonds between students and school. Until those bonds are formed, you won’t have any inertia to slow down the agencies.

If you really intend to start an UNORTHODOX university, you need to stay lightyears away from accrediting agencies and tenure.

Today, on the ‘news and updates’ page:

DAWKINS! Can’t make up this shit. UATX was already full of fake independents, now they’ve brought in an unapologetic unfake pure screeching defender of the worst orthodoxy and torture.

This marks the end of the fakery, just as the fake “virus” independents marked their end when they brought in RFK Jr as leader.

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