Two parallel stories

Two stories that illustrate perfectly why you should ignore media and stick with your own experience.

1. Via the Pillar substack: The “news” “story” that Pope Benedict had died was spreading like wildfire. After careful tracing by JD Flynn, it turned out that an Italian professional faker named Tommaso deBenedetti had spent a year setting up the “story”. First he created a fake Twitter account for a German bishop. Then a year later the fake bishop “sent” the news that BXVI was dead, and everyone agreed because everyone in media wants to see the real Pope dead.

2. Via YongYea: A well-known Japanese videogame artist named Hideo Kojima was falsely framed as the killer of Abe. YongYea’s commenters filled in the details from their own experience. Another professional faker, a French politician named Damien Rieu, started the rumor. He does this for a hobby and is already under investigation for previous libels. Rieu used an obviously superfake source on 4chan, which was apparently part of a stupid inside joke like ‘Rickrolling’.

Perhaps social media should be focusing their misinformation police on ASSHOLES WITH A LONG CRIMINAL RECORD OF FALSE ACCUSATIONS instead of focusing on ordinary people who are trying to find the truth. Not gonna happen, because maximum falsehood is the PURPOSE of the tech companies.


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