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Convective thought, triggered by the ascendance of Sunak as Boris’s replacement.

Fact 1: In the last 10 years, immigrants from India have been filling the elite slots that were formerly held by Anglos and Jews. This is happening in NYC banking, in Silicon Valley tech, and in some parts of academia. Now the new elites are entering politics as well.

Fact 2: For many decades India has managed to maneuver between the West and East, gaining advantage from its flexibility. Neither side has tried to punish India for its slipperiness, perhaps because of its sheer size.

Fact 3: In the current “virus” hoaxocaust, Indian MDs and scientists have dominated the realist side.

Question: Why are Indians so independent?

Convective answer: Caste and family.

When you have a rigid caste system, you’re not susceptible to the conformist pressures of tenure and careerism and meritocracy. When you know your position from birth, you know that meritocracy is a fraud. When you know what you can achieve, you don’t waste time aiming for the unachievable. You can assess the real risks of nonconformity.

When you have solid family structures, you have more freedom to take commercial and career risks, but not stupid risks. You can play the meritocracy game as a non-serious game. You have security when the risk fails, and responsibility to make it work.

Modern “western” culture maintains the lethal myth of equality, which leads to massive waste of resources and souls. We’re driven to extremes: unnecessary conformity or stupid suicidal risks.

An honest caste system is much less wasteful. Energy is aimed where it can make a difference.

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This hypothesis doesn’t explain the western lack of resistance. I don’t have any guesses on that end of the question. India has decisively joined the East now, fully connected to the Silk Road, along with Persia. We’ve been punishing Persia heavily for those connections, but we aren’t even gently chiding India.

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