Where’s the advertising?

I’m genuinely puzzled about this mismatch of advertising and reality. Not disingenuous or sardonic.

Some writers claim to see an incipient shift in establishment Repooflican politics, moving toward real FDR-style populism. Industrial policy, limiting immigration, encouraging one-income families. Supposedly some of the existing figures like Rubio and Hawley are moving in this direction.

If this is true, I should be seeing it in the emails from Repooflican sources. Over the years my contributions have placed me on several R mailing lists, both national and state. I don’t see the SLIGHTEST indication of the alleged trend in my inbox.  All I see is personal intimate adoration for Lord Trump and his royal entourage, or ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX.

If the trenders want to make a mark, they need to get their ass in gear on the publicity front.

Of course they could also GET SHIT DONE, but I no longer expect action from politicians. Humans have to GET SHIT DONE on the job and in life. Politicians only make noise. I’d like to hear more interesting noise.

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